• Anthony Rocco - Senior Pastor

    Pastor Anthony & Lydia Rocco both were raised in the Bronx, NY. As a teenager and young adult, Pastor Rocco was in and out of reform schools and correctional facilities, as a result of his lifestyle. During those wayward and desperate years, he was arrested 11 times for drug related offenses.

    In 1971, they got married with the hope that marriage would help turn their lives around, but things only went from bad to worse.

    In 1972, seeking help for their drug addiction, they migrated to NJ, to a place called Mission Teens, a Christian rehabilitation center in Norma, where they were converted and delivered by the power of Jesus Christ. Pastor Rocco and his wife graduated from the program; became staff members, and in 1974, Anthony was ordained a minister of the Gospel. Shortly thereafter, in 1975, he started working at Ranch Hope for Boys in Alloway, NJ, as a childcare worker, where he was eventually promoted to residential administrator, and in his final years before retiring from Ranch Hope in 2006, he served as chaplain.

    In 1983, he and his wife with three other families pioneered Spirit Life Fellowship, and God called him into the pastorate. He & his wife, Lydia are laborers together in the ministry, and are supported by their two sons and their families, in the work of the church.

  • Isaac Rocco - Lead Pastor